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I study humans. Biomedically, Socially, and Politically. The purpose of my research is to increase knowledge in areas that affect people and that people care about.

This includes: how we live, how we die, how we treat each other, how we create and maintain institutions, and how we change over time. I am interested in basic questions such as the physiology of blood and circulation, including how our bodies change these dynamics in times of stress such as injury and anemia. I am interested in how people vote, respond to surveys, interact with each other, on sensitive political and social questions. I care about the intersection of psychosocial behavior and physical characteristics in both a static and dynamic context. I care about the treatment of severely injured children in intensive care environments.

The goal of my research is to improve theoretical and practical knowledge in all of these areas. I want my research to increase human knowledge in a way that makes being human a better experience.



Distinguished Professor, Department of Government
Government, Mathematics & Statistics, Center for Data Member, Behavioral Neuroscience
American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016