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Survival models for the social and biomedical sciences. An occasional course.

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Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach
Gill, Jeff, and Michelle Torres. Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach. Second. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2019. Publisher's Version Abstract

Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach provides an introduction to and overview of GLMs, with each chapter carefully laying the groundwork for the next. The Second Edition provides examples using real data from multiple fields in the social sciences such as psychology, education, economics, and political science, including data on voting intentions in the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential primaries. The Second Edition also strengthens material on the exponential family form, including a new discussion on multinomial distribution; adds more information on how to interpret results and make inferences in the chapter on estimation procedures; and has a new section on extensions to generalized linear models.


Software scripts, supporting documentation, data for the examples, and some extended mathematical derivations are available on the authors’ websites as well as through the \texttt{R} package \texttt{GLMpack}. All links are available at


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Nikoleta S. Kolovos, Jeff Gill, Peter H. Michelson, Allan Doctor, Mary E. Hartman. ``Reduction in Mortality Following Pediatric Rapid Response Team Implementation.'' Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 2018.

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