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  • Kolovos, Nikoleta S., Jeff Gill, Peter Michelson, Allan Doctor, and Mary E. Hartman. “Reduction in Mortality Following Pediatric Rapid Response Team Implementation”. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 19, no. 5 (2018): 477-482

    Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of a physician-led rapid response team (RRT) program on morbidity and mortality following unplanned admission to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Design: Before-after study. Setting: Single center quaternary referral PICU. Patients: All unplanned PICU admissions from the ward from 2005-2011. Interventions: The dataset was divided into pre- and post-RRT…

  • Howard, Steven, Zidong Zhang, Paula Buchanan, Stephanie Bernell, Christine Williams, Lindsey Pearson, Michael Huetsch, Jeff Gill, and Jose Pineda. “The Cost of a Pediatric Neurocritical Care Program for Traumatic Brain Injury: A Retrospective Cohort Study”. BMC Health Services Research 18, no. 20 (2018)

    Inpatient care for children with severe traumatic brain injury (sTBI) is expensive, with inpatient charges averaging over $70,000 per case (Hospital Inpatient, Children Only, National Statistics. Diagnoses– clinical classification software (CCS) principal diagnosis category 85 coma, stupor, and brain damage, and 233 intracranial injury. Diagnoses by Aggregate charges []). This ranks sTBI in the top…



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